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ShearBAN friction relief technology.

Targeted Shear Control for Footwear & More!

What is ShearBan?

ShearBan® is a low friction interface material manufactured with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film that applies directly to footwear, insoles, and orthopedic devices to protect skin from damaging friction & shear trauma. ShearBan can be purchased in sheets and pre-cut patches to provide optimal coverage for any footwear or medical device application. The pressure-sensitive adhesive backing ensures ShearBan will stay in place for weeks (often much longer!) before requiring replacement.

How it Works

The secret behind ShearBan is its incredibly slick PTFE surface, which nearly eliminate friction and shear forces in targeted, at-risk areas of footwear. Instead of sliding against abrasive sock & shoe materials such as cotton socks, mesh shoe liners, and insole materials, ShearBan allows the skin to glide smoothly across otherwise troublesome areas of footwear and orthopedic devices; preventing and relieving shear-induced skin trauma.

When applied preventatively or at the first sign of skin trauma, ShearBan helps protect against further skin breakdown by reducing friction and shear forces between the skin and sock, shoe, insole or orthopedic device. If a blister, callus, or foot ulcer has already developed, ShearBan serves as a barrier against further skin damage; relieving friction & shear forces to provide a faster and healthier wound healing environment.

How to Apply It

ShearBan is available in 8" x 12" adhesive-backed sheets (ideal for making custom shaped patches) as well as peel & stick precut patches.

Simply remove the protective backing and apply the durable adhesive side of the patch to footwear, insoles, or orthopedic devices; wherever relief is desired. Press firmly around the patch surface to ensure optimal adhesion.

ShearBan should be replaced if the patch peels away from the footwear material or when the colored film wears through; exposing the fabric layer underneath.

ShearBan Features & Benefits

Shearban features and benefits

Why Use ShearBan?

ShearBan complements existing pressure management techniques by targeting the cause of friction & shear trauma - the footwear, insole or device - effectively reducing friction & shear forces to safe levels where skin trauma will not occur. ShearBan is effective because its patented low friction material provides a barrier from friction & shear; unlike any other material on the market today.

Indications for Use:


Application Examples

ShearBan is most commonly used in footwear, insoles, orthotic braces (AFOs and upper extremity braces), prosthetic sockets, cranial remolding helmets, and athletic equipment.

Package Options

ShearBan is available in single and 5-sheet packs, pre-cut ovals and rivet cover patches.

ShearBan sheets ShearBan Rivet Cover Patches
Pre-cut oval patches


If you're not satisfied with ShearBan for any reason, contact either your supplier or Tamarack Habilitation Technologies (the manufacturer) to resolve the matter. Tamarack Habilitation Technologies unconditionally warrants ShearBan from any manufacturing or performance defect.

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Tamarack Habilitation Technologies develops and manufactures ShearBan, under ISO Quality Management Standard 13485: 2003.

Patented US 6362387, CA 2335066, EP 1087738. Made in the U.S.A.

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